2010 Honda Fit Hybrid

Honda Fit Hybrid

In 2006, an unnamed source at Honda said plans were in place to make a hybrid version of the Fit (the Jazz, if you live anywhere other then America). The president and CEO of Honda, Takeo Fukui, rather emphatically stated that no such plans were in the works. The theory apparently was that the Fit was already so fuel efficient (27 mpg city, 34 mpg highway) that the added expense of a hybrid would not be worth the improvement in an already impressive gas-mileage. Then, crude oil prices went through the roof. In a, perhaps not surprising, turn around, Fukui announced earlier this year that a hybrid version of the Fit would be available in late 2009, as a 2010 model.

The hybrid will apparently be offered on the 2009 Fit platform. The 2009 Fit has already been available to reviewers for test drives, and even with a slightly higher weight (about 44 lbs heavier then previous models) Honda has managed to squeeze out even more fuel efficiency. Stats on the gas mileage of the hybrid version of the Fit are not yet available, but presumably they’ll be correspondingly impressive.

Honda is adapting the existing hybrid technology currently used in the Civic to the Fit, and like the Civic, the Fit will not be using the next generation Li-Ion batteries. Unfortunately, Honda’s hybrid technology is not plug-in compatible, which as plug-in technology becomes more and more important, means the Fit may well be in trouble in a few years.

Since the Fit Hybrid will be based on the 2009 Fit platform, anyone who wants to can check out the 2009 Fit for a small glimpse of the future. The 2009 Fit maintains the roominess and comfort the Fit is known for, including the incredible seats. And, according to reports, the Fit can still comfortably hold four adults, plus luggage. The combination of the Fit’s roominess and comfort, combined with the increased mileage of a hybrid, is expected to give the Toyota Prius a run for its money.

Speculation on the 2010 Fit Hybrid’s price tag has been going on for sometime now, and some of the suggestions border on ludicrous (when the conventional Fit tops $14,000, the hybrid is not selling for under $12,000; will those who are suggesting this please check their reality indicators?). Luckily, we do have a bit more then speculation to go on, and the estimates offered by Honda suggest the 2010 Honda Fit Hybrid will top the price tag of the conventional Fit by a little less then $2000.


  1. Hybrid cars become the hottest cars for car makers as they make tons of money on hybrid cars. I don’t believe hybrid for big cars make sense at all, but for Fit, it is actually not bad since for such a small car, no huge power is needed and hybrid should do the job extremely well in city driving. However, cruising on highway might suffer as most compact cars do.

  2. Matthew Weflen says:

    I want to get this car. What does “Late 2009″ mean? When do “next year’s” models generally get into dealerships? Do many dealers take requests or have “waiting lists” for new year models?

  3. Sean Peacock says:

    Matthew, that is a closely gaurded industry secret. But the answer is: Any Day Now. I bought my 2006 Honda Ridgeline in June 2007 at an incredible deal. The Honda’s should be coming out any time now through June, but because of the massive, massive problems auto sales are having (in terms of very few sales) if the manufacturers are smart they will probably delay the release of the 2010’s as late as possible. Don’t know where you live, but here in Long Beach where the vehicles are delivered at port Los Angeles, the cars stack up for miles and miles, almost as far as the eye can see because there is no where for them to go. The lots are still full because of the recession and no one buying. Hope this nebulous answer helps. Hang in there!

  4. Sean Peacock says:

    P.S. Forgot to add that when the 2010’s are finally released, the dealers/manufacturer’s should offer incredible incentives on 2009’s in an attempt to get rid of as many as they can and make room for the 2010’s.

  5. I’m with Matthew on this. I was 70% ready to buy the Fit Sport; contemplating the Prius, Vibe, Matrix, and Insight. Doing some online research and found out the Fit may go hybrid. A late 2009 offering may work out especially well if they pass the “cash for clunkers” bill. I will hold off on my new car purchase until more information is available.

  6. I hope to see a hybrid mini van sometime in the future! Get to it Honda! I’m sure all those soccer parents with 3 plus children wouldn’t mind saving money on gas.

  7. Any word on the likely price of the Hybrid Fit? I am tempted to buy the Base 2009 Fit but don’t want to be disappointed if the Hybrid is only a couple thousand dollars more.

  8. I am imagining honda is going to be offering a “hybrid” of all there vehicles as it will become the norm in the next few years..our society is about instant but our laws are about waiting.. give it another year or 2 and things will be moving along nicely

  9. S A GOULD says:

    Let me know, let me know. I had to buy a car FAST last year, a crash into me totaled mine and I swore it would be a hybrid. Got a Honda Civic Hybrid, and it IS a great car. But I wanted the Fit and now I see it will go hybrid. So I am saving up for it.

  10. Reynaldo says:

    If it is a hybrid. I hope the numbers for mpg beat the prius.

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