2011 Chevrolet Tacuma – Revamp for Europe and New for U.S.

GM will bring the next generation Tacuma to the US market in 2011. The current Tacuma, which is not available in the US, was originally designed by Daewoo and was first available under a Daewoo badge until it was re badged as a Chevy, much to the confusion of most Europeans.

The current Tacuma, now with a Chevy nameplate, is a crossover vehicle that seems to be more minivan than SUV. However, the new model is longer and bigger than the outgoing model and will have more SUV styling that should appeal to American customers.

The Chevrolet Tacuma will first be introduced in 2010 in Europe. It will be designed based on GM’s global Delta platform, which is also the basis for the Chevrolet Cruze. The new vehicle will have enough room for seven passengers and should appeal to the family crossover market in the US.

Many of the components of the new Tacuma will be common with its sister vehicle the Opel Zafira. Or they should be, but the final outcome will depend on what actually happens to the business relationship between GM and Opel in the future.

The engines available in the new 2011 Chevrolet Tacuma are expected to be a 1.8 liter and a 2.4 liter gasoline engine. A 2.0 liter, 150 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine will also be available. It is even rumored that a hybrid version will be available to customers in the US.

The 2011 Chevrolet Tacuma will be manufactured in the US next to the Volt in Michigan. It is designed to complete with the Hyundai Matrix and the Volkswagen Touran. The styling is very similar to the Orlando concept car that was revealed last year and should be a good competitor in this segment.

GM may actually decide to change the name to Orlando for the US market to avoid confusion with the Toyota Tacoma truck which is already available. Whatever the 2011 vehicle is called, Tacuma or Orlando, the new seven-seater crossover should give the family customer the space they need, but with the SUV styling that they want.

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