Alfa Romeo LPG-Powered MiTo Released To Much Excitement

Alfa Romeo LPG Powered MiTo

The Alfa Romero MiTo is already an incredibly popular brand of car in Europe, but the Alfa Romeo LPG-powered MiTo may take that popularity to a whole new level. Powered by liquid petroleum gas, which is a hydrocarbon fuel that emits 19 percent less carbon dioxide than oil, the new model seems to be the answer to many environmentalist’s dreams. The dual-fueled LPG model has a 1.4 liter engine and thanks to the LPG-fuel feature, it benefits from being tax exempt in most European countries.

The LPG-fuel model reduces carbon dioxide emissions down to an amazing 131 g/km, while at the same time keeping the sexy look and speed that made the other models so popular. The Alfa Romeo LPG-Powered MiTo has 120 horsepower and can reach 100 km/hr in only 8.8 seconds.

What makes this vehicle so amazing is that it can run, non-stop, for an unbelievable 1,200 kilometers thanks to the 39-liter LPG reservoir that sits in the spare tire well. Not too bad for a vehicle that has the top speed of 198 kilometers per hour!

Currently priced at Euro13,900, but keep in mind that the vehicle is tax-exempt because it is environmentally-friendly and helps to fight global warming. The LPG model was made in conjunction with Landi Renzo, which is a company located out of Italy that produces autogas and compressed natural gas kits for cars.

The Alfa Romero LPG-powered MiTo is helping to break apart the image that to have an environmentally-friendly vehicle, you need to drive a van powered by manure. The world is changing and car manufacturers in Japan and Europe are seeing this. Now vehicles that are both sexy and fast can be environmentally-friendly as well. The Alfa Romero LPG-powered MiTo does not sacrifice anything in order to be environmentally-friendly.

Hopefully manufacturers elsewhere in the world, especially the United States, can see the example that the Alfa Romero LPG-powered MiTo has set and learn from it.


  1. archebald23 says:

    this seem to becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry, the modernization of classic cars. it looks sleek though..

  2. Dacia Duster says:

    I’m surprised by this Alfa Romeo, they used to make nice looking cars but this one is kinda ugly. Looks like an ugly Beetle.

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