2011 BMW 6-Series – Not a Radical Change

The next-generation 6-Series BMW will not be as radical a change as the current 6-Series introduction was that happened in 2004. However, BMW is expected to address all of the concerns with the current model when the new 6-Series is launched in the US in late 2010 as a 2011 model.

The 2011 BMW 6-Series will be longer, three inches in the wheelbase, than the outgoing model and will therefore have more legroom for the rear seat passengers. The interior is also supposed to be sportier than the current model and have a more driver-friendly interface. The rear of the vehicle will also be streamlined, similar to the BMW CS concept. The other design features should be similar to the 2009 7-Series.

As with the current 6-Series, the new 6-Series models will share a lot of the platform from the 5-Series that will first be introduced in the US later this year.

The European engine options for the 2011 BMW 6-Series will have horsepower options of 306, 408, and 507 all from gasoline engines. There will also be a diesel engine that is available to customers. However, some sources think that only the 408 and 507 horsepower gasoline versions will make it to the US market.

The 507 horsepower will be available in the M6 which is should be launched in 2011 and is expected to be an upgraded version of the BMW’s current 5 liter, V10 engine. The models will all be rear-wheel drive and will be coupled with a new eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF.

A convertible is also expected to be available in the new 6-Series. The top should be a folding metal roof, similar to the 3-Series convertible, despite the fact prototypes seen on winter testing were fitted with soft, fabric roofs.

The next-generation BMW 6-Series will not be a radical change for the marketplace. The new model will be a improvement and a refinement of the existing model and will be based on the new 5-Series platform. The refinement step is exactly what the 2011 BMW 6-Series needs to keep customers coming back into BMW showrooms.

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