2013 Nissan Frontier

2011 Nissan Frontier

The 2013 Nissan Frontier is the best compact truck which is suitable for almost every road condition. Like other models from the branch, the 2013 Frontier will not suffer too many changes from the predecessor, having only minor enhancements in style and the same old muscle-T attitude reinforced by an ironworks-inspired grille. Nevertheless, it provides a wide range of choices in the form of different models. There are different choices of trim levels, and if it repeats the 2011 roster those would be the base S model, midline SV, off-road-oriented PRO-4X, and top-line SL

Although the 2013 Nissan Frontier has strong competitors as in Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger and Honda Ridgeline, the company has been able to make a name for itself by following a policy guided by strict quality control and improved reliability.

The new Frontier will continue the tradition with the base model and a engines having a direct combination of four and six cylinders and rear wheel drive and four wheel drive. All of this means the 2.5 liter capacity is rated at almost 152 horsepower and 171 pound feet of torque. Also, the 4 liter capacity is rated at 261 horsepower and 281 pound feet of torque. Also, four-wheel disk brakes with antilock technology for better control in emergency stops would return as standard

The 2013 Nissan Frontier would be fairly equipped for a compact pickup. All models would again come with head-protecting curtain side airbags for both seating rows and both cab styles would retain flip-up rear seat cushions and a fold-flat front passenger seat. The base S models will find among their standard equipment and options the leather upholstery, a power moon roof, heated front seats, an overhead console, and an automatic-dimming inside mirror with compass.

Concerning the fuel economy, 2013’s Frontier is expected to have a rating for the four cylinder models around 19/23 mpg in city and consequently on highway. The v-6 models should be rated at 15/19 mpg with the manual transmission and 14/19 with the automatic one.

Although estimations about the price cannot be done until the release, words say the basic set of the cab styles, bed lengths, and power trains return for Nissan 2013 would range from $19,000 to $31,000.

Hence, sources say that Nissan is preparing to cease production of this truck by the end of calendar 2012. Even if that will happen, there have been others before it, so it’s not a premiere in the auto world, and not for Nissan.


  1. what will the 2013 frontier look like

  2. good question, rodney. I would like to see a 2013 prototype. I have a 2010 and think it is a great truck

    • How do both of you guys like the Frontier’s ride? Is it smooth? How’s the gas milage?

  3. 2013 will look like 2005-2012 probably since RUMOR is the Frontier is being discountinued, so why make a new model when2012 or 13 is the last production..

  4. Lorin Chester says:

    I have a 1999 nisson frontier. It has been a very good pickup.
    one problem was and is the cruse control. It has never worked
    since I bought it. My daughter is on her sixth Nisson Altima.She has an almost perfect record with hers. I am ready to buy a new pickup but a bit hesitant on the Frontier since they cannot fix the cruse.

    • Sprinkler Man says:

      Weird Lorin. I also have the 99. It’s 3.3 Lt 4X auto. Great truck and vitually no real issues. Cruise has always been perfect. I don’t like the lame styling sinse then and have held on to mine as a result. It has 100K on it now and needs a paint job but I’d hate to get rid of it. Check online for posts from others who have had the cruise issue. Certainly you should be able to get to the botton of it. S/M

  5. Hey guys I have an ’04 w 125K miles and the cruise has always worked. It’s starting to need some repairs lately, but for the past 9 yrs its been the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned. I think I’m gonna hold onto it for a cpl more years then probly buy another frontier.

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