2013 Golf Blue E Motion – Volkswagen

Golf Blue E MotionAs environmental concerns and awareness is rising, driving a gas-guzzling environmental hazard is triggering high levels of guilt and emotional distress in drivers with a green-conscience. Yet, many thanks to the concerned and considerate auto-makers; they always know how to cater to the evolving requirements of their customers. And here we are, entering an age of fuel efficient cars. With Nissan leaf and Chevy Volt already leading the pack, all eyes are now set on 2013 Volkswagen Golf Blue E-motion.

The German automakers first presented the concept of their electric vehicle at the launch of Germany’s National Electricity Mobility Platform. 2013 Golf Blue Emotion will be two of its very first electric vehicles expected to be launched in 2013.

What We Know about 2013 Golf Blue E Motion
It is more than a year in waiting and we are quite positive that VW will continue researching and testing till the very end. Therefore, very little is officially confirmed yet. However, from what has been revealed, a lot has been speculated.

VW will use around 500 vehicles for the tests starting next year. About these test vehicles we know that they will be driven by air cooled lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor residing under the hood. These batteries will be able to store 26.5 kW-h of energy. The motor of the 2013 Golf Blue E-motion promises high torque of 270 Newton-meter. 2013 Golf Blue E-motion will be able to reach a top speed of 140km per hour. It will require around 6 to 7 hours to recharge.

In terms of design, the 2013 Volkswagen Golf Blue E Motion is essentially a mini car. From the outside, you simply cannot tell if it’s a diesel car or an electric car. To be exact, let’s just say it is very ‘Volkswageny’ indeed. The 2013 Golf Blue E-motion will have no back seats. The only problem so far is that it is not clear if the batteries would be kept under the floor pan or inside the cargo area. The later just sounds strange as it completely takes the 2013 Golf Blue E-motion out of the list of potential town cars. Where are we going to put all those groceries?

What we Expect?
Setting foot in this arena, Volkswagen must really consider the competition that is already out there. While they are very hopeful about the reception of their 2013 Golf Blue E-motion, we think that there are a few things that do not sound so stunning, batteries in the trunk and recharging time for instance. Nevertheless, there is till plenty of time, and we don’t think that VW is going to launch an obvious lackluster competitor in a year which awaits a lot of other sustainable rides already.

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